Friday, February 5, 2010

Found: Vegan Betaine HCL

I've finally found a vegan source of betaine HCL!

After scouring the web and finding only a source in England, I finally happened across a source in the U.S.

It's called Quantum Betaine HCL and is manufactured by Premier Research Labs.  The betaine hydrochloric acid is sourced from beets and each capsule has 550mg.  The front of the label clearly says, "Pure Vegan."  In fact, the only other ingredient is the vegetable cellulose capsule.

A company called Natural Healthy Concepts, based in Wisconsin, sells the product online.  Here's the direct link to the product on their web site:

Other companies may carry it but I ordered it from Natural Healthy Concepts because they were the first place I found that carried it.  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the package showed up at my door, even though it had to come to NE Canada.

Anyway, those of you who need to take HCL now have a vegan source!