Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vegan Fast Food!

On my recent trip to St. Petersburg, FL I was happy to discover Evos.  They offer a vegan burger (called the Delite) that's actually really good.  Evos is marketed as being healthier fast food.  The fries are air-baked instead of fried and tasted good.  I got a combo meal and had the vegan Delite burger, air fries, and a mango guava smoothie.

It's really nice to be able to go into a restaurant and grab a quick vegan meal.  They have a handful of locations in the Tampa Bay area, as well as some in other states too.

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vegandesperado said...

What an amazing idea. In Seattle we have Hillside Quickie on Capitol Hill which is similar. It's fast food for the on-the-go vegan. I saw you were living in Seattle for a while and man were you right on about it. Prices have dropped significantly with the 9% unemployment. It's amazing seeing "FOR RENT" signs everywhere I look. My gf and I just rented a Large 1 bedroom 900 sq ft place on the Hill for 950. This place would have easily gone for 1450 years ago.

Anyways, hope you write more. And check my blog out if you ever have time. It's been up for 6 months but I'm really just getting to it.

Have a great day