Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Vegan Dish Detergent

I've found what I consider to be the best vegan dish detergent out there!  I had been using a liquid product but decide to give these Method tablets a try, as I love Method's other products.  They work really well!  I wouldn't have guessed the tablets would work better than liquids I've used in the past, but they do.

I find it more convenient than liquid as well because you simply drop one tablet in the main tray and you're done.  I had to run the dishwasher many times after the Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck my wife and I hosted and I was impressed as each load came out.

The packaging is eco-friendly as well: the tablets are not individually wrapped, which drives me nuts about some other products out there, and the bag is recyclable (depending on where you live).  Also, none of Method's products are tested on animals, which is another reason I support the company.

I'm able to buy these at the pharmacy here in Canada (Shoppers Drug Mart).  I assume Whole Foods and other health food stores sell it as well.

(Image courtesy of Method.)

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