Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Boycotts Are Just Stupid

Boycotting can be a great tactic and can help us, as activists, effectively achieve our goals. However, some boycotts can be misdirected, ineffective, and just waste time and resources.

I came across an article on Vegetarian Star the other day about Brigitte Bardot urging a boycot of Canadian maple syrup in order to protest Canada's seal hunt.  In my opinion, this is just plain stupid.

This reminds me of another misdirected boycott a while back: boycotting Wegmans because of the fact that they do not sell cage-free eggs.  What point were we trying to make with that boycott?  To many consumers it sounded like the animal rights community was saying cage-free eggs were an acceptable solution.  Also, as vegans, we should all know cage-free is a myth and a bullshit PR campaign.

Anyway, I live in Canada right now and I'll still be buying maple syrup.  Why?  Because I think boycotting Canadian maple syrup is going to have zero effect on the seal hunt.

Boycotting is part of veganism because we understand the abuse of animals is tied to supply and demand.  However, let's make sure we stay focused.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I totally agree with you! I definitely admire that someone wants to DO something about the seal hunt, but boycotting Canadian made maple syrup?? I don't think that's much better than the people that insist that Canadians need to boycott European goods, since the EU has actually taken a stand against seal products. (yahoo!) You can't simply boycott a nation - it just doesn't work like that! -Eve

Elaine Vigneault said...

"Demand" is manufactured. Whatever surplus results from successful "boycotts" of animal products are simply used to "feed" school children who don't have the choice to boycott. Those children grow up eating these "foods" and become indoctrinated into a non-vegan mindset. They continue to consume what they were fed as children.

The meat, dairy, and egg industries are just like the cigarette industries. They lose customers all the time due to choice or death. But that's not what their business needs to function. They need new blood. They need children.

Veganism is not a boycott. It's not about supply and demand. It's about the fact that animals are not food. Simple as that. ANIMALS ARE NOT FOOD.

Nadine said...

Absolutely agree!!

Nicki said...

This post is so great; it's sometimes hard to criticize people who obviously have good intentions but we also don't want to perpetuate negative stereotypes about animal advocates because then we all get pegged as foolish. This is a stupid boycott and I'm glad you weren't afraid to point it out.

Anika said...

Some do boycotts for a cause maybe for some reason that may result good on what they depends on. Some, boycotts are waist of time. Turn into nothing.

thefriggintribe said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only person who thought that was illogical boycott