Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Price Increasing for Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate

I previously mentioned the fact that eCornell is offering a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program. Well, I received an email from eCornell the other day informing me that the price for their Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate program will be increasing on October 3rd. The price will be increasing from $795 to $1,065. You have until October 2nd to enroll and pay $795.

This was a good motivator for me, as I called Nancy Barber at eCornell yesterday and prepaid for the certificate program. She was extremely helpful and explained how flexible the program is. I was asked to choose my tentative start dates for each of the three courses but she informed me that I am able to change the dates if I later find out they're not convenient for me (provided I do so with some notice).

Anyway, I'm prepaid and registered for the Plant-Based Nutrition program at eCornell! I decided to take the plunge and fork over the money, as nutrition has been a passion of mine for a while and this program will focus on vegan nutrition.

If you're interested in enrolling or have questions you can contact Nancy Barber at eCornell:


  • 866-326-7635, option 2

  • For those of you who are also outside the US: 607-330-3205


Nicki said...

Hopefully the price increasing means there's a lot of demand for it!

Nicole said...

Good luck in school! I'm sure you'll get all A's just like Nicki :)

Christine said...

Hi, I was considering signing up for these courses and wondering if you have already taken any and if you found them worthwhile? Thanks for any feedback!


Billy said...

Hi Christine,

I did signup for the course. It starts tomorrow for me, though you can signup and take it whenever it's convenient for you.

ELISE said...


did you find the courses worth the price? i'm considering signing up again - they have the course for 20% off! :)

Billy said...

Hi Elise,

Yes, I thought it was worth it. I highly recommend doing it!