Friday, March 6, 2009

Propagandhi Interview on Recent Vegan Freak Podcast

Before hitting the road this morning to start making my way south toward Washington, DC I opened iTunes to sync my new iPod touch and was happy to see it start downloading. I knew that meant there was a new Vegan Freak Podcast. I was extremely excited when I saw Propagandhi in the title of the podcast!

I've been obsessed with Propagandhi since I was 19 and I'm now on the road to see them for the first time when they play in Baltimore. Anyway, it was strange timing that this podcast was posted just before I left for my trip.

Chris Hannah, lead singer of Propagandhi, is on the show and talks about the band's new CD, Supporting Caste, veganism, and many other things. This was a really good podcast (and a few minutes over two hours). I just wanted to give you all a heads-up and recommend that you download the episode.

Oh, also, if you've never listened to Propagandhi I highly recommend doing so.


Scones said...

Hey did you enjoy the show? I've been listening to them for 14 YEARS! since they first appeared on that fat music comp, and last night was the first time i saw them as well. I thought it was great. Any chance you took pictures?

Billy said...

The show was fun. They should have played more old stuff, though. They did play two vegan songs, though, which was awesome. And, I heard a lot of people in the audience shouting, "Talk about veganism."

I did not take pictures.