Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New TV Series: Whale Wars

I was very excited to see a preview for an upcoming new series on Animal Planet. The show is called Whale Wars and centers around the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

I fully support Sea Shepherd and their courageous efforts to stop whalers in their tracks. They utilize direct action tactics to combat whaling. You can read more about Sea Shepherd here.

Here's a preview clip for the show:

Whale Wars premieres this Friday, November 7 on Animal Planet at 9PM EST/PST.


Rural Vegan said...

I've been watching this, so glad it's on the air and I hope SS gets a lot of publicity and support from it!

Meredith Miller said...

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dana said...

(sorry i'm not gonna respond to this specific post.)

in one of your previous posts you wrote that cats shouldn't be fed dry food.
why is that? I've raised many cats and have never heard about this.