Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Easy Way to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

It's important to brush your pets' teeth. I've especially realized that now that my cat had to have eight teeth removed.

A while back I discovered Easy Brush. I love this product! Easy Brush makes brushing fun for Reilly. He acts like he's getting a treat and playing with a toy.

Easy Brush essentially works the same as our toothbrushes. You wet the bristles, rub some toothpaste on, and hand the bone to your dog. Note: be sure to use dog toothpaste. Human toothpaste is not okay for dogs.

I've been buying Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste, made by Benedent. Luckily for me, it's sold right up the street from my house at Mud Bay.

I called Benedent and the person on the phone told me the product contained no animal ingredients and was vegan but I'm never 100% sure unless that's printed on the package. The only possible ingredient of animal origin is glycerin.

Does anyone else use this toothpaste? Have you contacted Benedent? If you use a different kind of toothpaste for your pets, what do you use?

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Nikki said...

Thanks so much for the vegan dog toothpaste info! I've been looking all over and haven't found ANYTHING! I also never heard of the easy brush...thanks again, my vegan pups could use a tooth brushing! They won't be overly thrilled but oh well ;)