Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OT: Blog Goodies

I've decided to share with you all what I'm using to interact in the blogosphere. I've found some cool services.

As you may have noticed, I've installed the Feedjit widget on my blog. You can click on the map image to view a live traffic map of visitors to this blog. I'm very interested to see where all of my readers come from. Hi to everyone!

I'm using a cool tool called Commentful to track blog comments. You install two buttons on your browser toolbar: Add to Commentful and Commentful Watchlist. Whenever you comment on a blog and/or want to follow-up on new comments, click the Add to Commentful button. Then, periodically click the Commentful Watchlist to check if there have been new comments left since your last visit.

For my RSS reader, I'm using the web version of Newsgator. I like this service better than Google Reader. It's free as well, the UI is better, and you can tag and save posts.

What do you use? Feel free to share.


Jennifer said...

Haha! Sounds like you know how to use your blog a lot more than I know how to use mine! All I do is subscribe to the rss feeds (that little orange thing that looks like a picture of soundwaves or something), and then to keep up on responses I just click the 'email follow up comments' box when I comment on others' blogs.

I DO use Google Analytics to keep up with who is using my blog and how, not really sure why, just to satisfy curiousity I suppose. Speaking on analytics, I haven't checked mine in awhile......

I've seen all sorts of cool things people have on their blogs, site meters, maps of the world where visitors come from, all sorts of stuff. I'm just not all that web savvy (odd, because part of my job is to maintain our departments website, but Dreamweaver makes everything easy - hehe).

And the things people do on their own blogs! Wow! Label clouds, all sorts of crazy stuff. I've had my blog for almost four months, and I finally got brave enough to chose my own, and not the default colors of my blog template. I'm a rebel I know.

Jennifer said...

I type way too fast, I realize my entry was riddled with typos, I hope you can make sense of it.

(Oh, and sorry for being anal and having to point that out in another comment Billy!) :-)

Anke said...

hehe, I'm still puzzled by all this tech stuff too. even though I have the feedjit as well, and a visitor count. both are interesting, particularly the latter shows me the google search words people used and then landed on my blog. hilarious at times :-)

PS: check out my last post, it's not all veggies in our house :-)

Veggie said...

I'm completely puzzled by all these different blog tools, but I think I finally got my RSS feed to work better (than when you asked about it the other day).

I just signed up for Google Analytics a week ago when someone mentioned it on their blog.

Yesterday I signed up at del.icio.us

I put sitemeter on my blog, but I don't understand it, so I doesn't really mean much. I wish I was a bit more technically inclined.

I just sign up for comments when I leave a comment, but it usually takes me a few days to check my email.

Veggie said...

I found google reader when we did the VeganMoFo back in November, it was handy b/c i'm already signed in for my blogger account anyway.

Billy said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

I know what you all mean. There are so many widgets and add-ons that it's mind boggling.

Vegan_Noodle said...

I like the feedjit map too, I love just imagining what parts of the world people are in. I"m also using google analytics and google reader. Commentful sounds cool, I will check that out. Very useful post!!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I'm obsessed with google analytics; it's amazing what searches lead to my blog!

Billy said...

Yea, Feedjit is great. Very entertaining.

I definitely recommend checking out Commentful. It's a pretty good solution to (attempting) to stay on top of comments.

Chocolate Covered Vegan: I'm loving Google Analytics as well. I just installed it a few days ago.

Anke said...

re: I signed up at blogpatrol.com, its the last little icon in the right column on my blog (in stealth mode). it's a free visitor count, and it gives you amazing details on the last 25 visitors.

Billy said...

I'll check it out Anke, thanks.

missblueberry said...

Hey Billy! Thanks loads for the RSS feed reader. I have been looking for something similar to NetVibes - and your suggestions look great.