Friday, March 21, 2008

Lunch: A Big Organic Salad

After realizing I hadn't had a salad in a very long time, I decided to make it my lunch today (after eating my leftovers from the Araya's - the all vegan thai restaurant here in Seattle).

My salad was all organic and consisted of baby greens, red bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers. Nothing fancy, but good. I topped it with Goddess Dressing, the best dressing in the world. Here's a picture:

I'm glad Annie's Naturals finally released an organic version of Goddess Dressing. That was one of the few non-organic things I was buying. For those of you familiar with the dressing, have you noticed it's only available in the small (8 oz) size?

Tip: For those of you who don't like dressing, I suggest you give Goddess Dressing a try. I really am not big on dressings, but I love this one.


Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan of bottled dressings, but I always always have this one in my pantry. =) I love to make "Goddess Garbanzos" from ED&BV with it.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I've never tried the Goddess dressing, but I made my own version once from a recipe I found online. It tasted quite nice over a barley salad.

Oh, and awesome wedding invites!

Jennifer said...

I like to be sparing with dressing as well. One of my favorite parts of summer are what I lovingly call 'super big ass salads', that time is right around the corner!

John Foraker said...

Thanks for the very nice comment about our organic goddess dressing! We had been planning for some time to introduce organic versions of our top selling dressings, and the time seemed right to do it. At present the larger sizes are not yet available in organic. We are trying to see how the 8oz size does, as it is a little more expensive. So far it looks like a winner. The next logical thing for us to consider might be a larger size. What do all of you think? Thanks for your nice comments about our products. It makes all the work worth it. Let us know on this blog or on our guestbook at the web site Our mac and cheese site is

Thanks and regards,

John Foraker, CEO, Annie's, Inc.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Billy said...

Hi John,

Thanks for replying on here. I really appreciate it.

A lot of us vegans love your Goddess Dressing. I'm really glad you introduced an organic version. I was purchasing the non-organic version before the organic version was released, but not as often (as I'm a bit of a stickler with organic foods).

I don't mind paying a little more for the organic version. I understand the organic certification raises the prices of commodities. My health is worth it.

Personally, I would love a larger size. It'd be more economical and eco-friendly, as I'm having to buy the smaller size pretty often.

I do want you to know that your organic Goddess Dressing is now the only dressing I buy. Seriously.

Thanks again John. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

What does everyone else think about a larger size?

Debbie said...

Goddess dressing is the only dressing I buy, too, and now only the organic version. Bigger is better!

dreamy said...

It looks good and healthy i wish I can have it for dinner I barely have salad here...

Mark said...

With all due respect, I find bottled dressings generally expensive and very high in fat content. The "Goddess Dressing" falls into both categories.

Considering how incredibly easy and cheap it is to mix liquids and spices in a bottle to make your own, I can't fathom why someone would take more time (in shopping) and spend 4 or 5 times (whatever) as much and buy bottled dressings, especially those with such a high fat content.

One can make the equivalent of a bottle of dressing in about 5 minutes. That'll keep you through several salads.

Flavored oils/vinegars are even easier: at herbs to oil (or vinegar) shake, let sit for a few days.

"Organic" doesn't mean cheaper or healthier (or necessarily convenient).

FYI, Mark

Mark (addendum) said...

Addendum: "Goddess Dressing" comes in at 13 grams of fat per 2 tablespoons (honestly, who uses that little on a salad?).

To put this in perspective: Dr. Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn recommdend around 25 grams of fat PER DAY maximum (they've successfully reversed heart disease with low-fat vegan diets).

The label on "Goddess Dressing" is suggesting 65 grams of fat per day for a 2,000 calorie "diet," or 2 tbl. of dressing is 19% of your daily fat calories.

Supersizing the bottle isn't going to help people get any healthier.

I admire some of Annie's products, but the dressings that aren't non-fat are, imho, problematic.

Just wanted to clarify my earlier comment.

Best to all, Mark

Nicki said...

Well I love the Goddess dressing, and I used to be so bummed that it was one of the only non-organic foods I bought. I tried to buy other dressings so I could have organic salad dressing, but none were anywhere near as good as Goddess. So I was super excited when the organic version came out! I put it on salad, dip raw veggies in it, dip different kinds of faux meats in it (like "chicken" nuggets, mmmm), basically eat it every way I used to eat ranch dressing loooong ago. As far as the fat, it's more important what kind of fats your eating than how much, and vegan (vegetable oil) fats are the best kind. Avocados are one of the healthiest foods but are loaded with fat. I mean, I wouldn't recommend drinking the stuff, but I think Goddess dressing is still a healthy, awesome-tasting salad dressing.

Billy said...

Thanks for sharing everyone.

Mark: Organic actually does mean healthier, as certified organic ingredients are not allowed to be produced with the use of herbicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals present in conventional food.

Also, as Nicki said, it's more important to focus on what kind of fats you eat. Avoid trans fat completely. Also, it's much more important to avoid animal products than to worry about fat content.

Mark said...

Sorry, but research shows clearly that adding fat to your diet has a significant impact on the elasticity of your cardiovascular system. This has been measured; it's not a theory.

It's a common myth that "some fats are okay"... sure, those that are not ADDED to one's diet as oil or from fried foods are okay in moderation.

It's well-documented that even ONE fatty meal changes blood vessel elasticity (you can read my interview with Dr. Esselstyn about all this at

Like or not, Goddess Dressing is just about 100% fat oil. You can make a non-fat equivalent for pennies, or a fatty one for a little more.

My reference to some "organic products" not being healthy has nothing to do with pesticides -- organic saturated fatty beef or organic olive oil, for examples, are not healthy... like it or not.

Esselstyn takes on the Meditteranean diet myth as well (whether that was in the interview or book, don't remember).

Anyway, I'll go with the 20 years of peer-reviewed research rather than the urban myth of "some added or types of fats are okay." When the research of Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Ornish, Dr. McDougall, and Dr. Barnard all come to the same conclusion, that's enough for me.

It ain't the kind of fat: it's the fat. Your choice: you can be a healthy vegan, or an unhealthy vegan. A no-added fat vegan diet reduces cholesterol levels (the bad kind), reduces weight, and, for the most part, according to Essy, makes you heart-attack proof.

Finally, I've followed the "no-added fat" diet for a little over a year now (since my interview). It works. Lost any craving for added fat.

FYI, Mark

Billy said...


I have no desire to argue with you. You eat the vegan foods you want, and I eat those I want.

The argument about peer-reviewed research is a little silly, as these great researchers are also telling us to eat meat and dairy.

I don't think fat in the diet is inherently bad. But, do as you wish.

As long as people eat cruelty-free I don't mind.

Jason said...

Just throwing a vote in the ring as well that I'd like to see a bigger thing for the Goddess dressing. Definitely one of the best dressings out there.

Mark said...

Peer-reviewed research isn't silly... we call it "science."

And the researchers I cited are NOT advocating anything regarding meat (and, aside from Ornish, dairy).

We call this fact. Provable results from scientific research. Can be replicated by anyone with the same equipment.

You may not "think" that added fat in your diet is "inherently bad" but the science shows otherwise.

Sure, cruelty-free is great, but heart-healthy is more important, and incorporates the same cruelty-free desires.

I've responded in greater detail on these issues at my blog.

Best to all, Mark (hey! anyone notice the high sodium content of "Goddess Dressing?")

Billy said...

I always enjoy a different perspective, so thank you Mark.

I do disagree with you, but that's to be expected in life. Not everyone agrees on everything.

I'm happy to hear you're vegan. That's great. Take care.

Mark said...


One last comment: did you know that the "xantham gum" in Goddess Dressing is essentially "corn syrup slime" (made by the same bacteria that make the black rot on broccoli and other brassica plants)?

Google it sometime... I was very surprised.

Bon Appetite! (and I do like your blog, and have promoted it... we just disagree on what we prefer to eat.. me? no added fat, little salt, hold the slime)

Mary & Dan said...

To the CEO: The goddess dressing is the best! Please create a way for your website (Annie's) to ship it directly to customers in Asia. It is very hard to find vegan products here esp in India! (even though ironically there are many vegetarians here!). I have tried to ask some supermarkets to bring it in, but so far with little success. Please please!! Mary

Anonymous said...

I love Goddess dressing. I just wish that it were made with olive oil instead of canola oil.

Anonymous said...

Mark=Debbie Downer