Monday, February 18, 2008

Review: So Delicious Soy Yogurt

The Whole Foods in Seattle just started carrying So Delicious soy yogurt. I heard about this a while ago and have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I bought two flavors: cinnamon bun and blueberry. Cinnamon bun was actually a little too sugary, even for me. Blueberry, however, was really good.

Pros: Taste, consistency, live active cultures

Cons: Fruit isn't organic, too much sugar

Here's a quick ingredients comparison of blueberry So Delicious (SD) and blueberry Whole Soy (WS).
  • Container size: 6oz each

  • Organic blueberries: Neither

  • Calories: 150 each

  • Sugar: 23g (SD), 18g (WS)

  • Protein: 6g each

  • Calcium: 30% RDA each

  • Vitamin B12: 30% RDA (SD), none (WS)

  • Live active cultures: 6 (SD), 4 (WS)

I'm not positive which I like more. I'll have to do some more taste-testing. However, I do recommend you try So Delicious soy yogurt. It's definitely good, and not runny like Silk.


Jessifly said...

Coincidentally just yesterday I purchased both the vanilla So Delicious yogurt and the vanilla Whole Soy yogurt because I wanted to compare the two. I actually expected to like the So Delicious better (probably because I like the So Delicious ice cream). It tasted tangier and sweeter, actually more like real yogurt (I've only been vegan less than 2 years I still remember what real yogurt tastes like!) But I really enjoyed the Whole Soy much better. WS was creamier with really good vanilla flavor.
Price WS $0.89 SD $0.99
Sugar WS 12g SD 24g
calories WS 150 SD 160
protein 6g same
SD has higher values on vitamins & minerals because it is enriched. WS doesn't have a lot of values there but has a really basic ingredient list.

There's my review :) Yum points to vanilla Whole Soy & Co!

Billy said...

Thanks for the comment. Wow, so the difference in sugar content between Whole Soy and So Delicious with the vanilla flavors is pretty big.

I'm interested to see which one other people prefer as well.

missblueberry said...

I admit to missing so delicious - esp. their ice cream. One great product available here in Europe is Soyjade's natural yoghurt - which includes vegan enzymes. Great product.

I am not so keen on Aplro Soy (which would be the equivalent to some of our major Canadian and US soy companies). Almost all of the products are a little too processed and have way too much sugar (saying this I did just down a vanilla yoghut with my lunch). They do make a great natural soy milk that has NOTHING but soy beans and water - and the taste is great.

Great blog!

Billy said...

Thanks for the comment missblueberry.

So Delicious is great, isn't it? I lived in Australia for a while, but can't remember the vegan ice cream I ate there. I think it was called So Good or something.

I agree about the sugar...and I'm a sugar freak!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Hey there! Yay for vegan bloggers :)

I've tried the cinnamon bun and peach flavors now, and just purchased the vanilla and raspberry. I'll have to let you know how they turn out... The peach was really tangy - I think that's the right word. SD is pretty sugary! I really don't understand why soy yogurt had so much sugar, when a cup of soymilk only has 6 or 7 grams... Mysteries, mysteries.

Billy said...

Ruby Red Vegan,

Hi! I haven't had the peach. I'll have to try it. And, yes, there is so much sugar in soy yogurt. It's too sugary even for me.

Veggie said...

I wish I could find these flavours here.

Billy said...

What flavors do you have where you are?

Veggie said...

We just have regular flavours, I'm not even sure what brands we have. I think there are maybe 2 brands.

and I can only find them at my favourite health food store.

I don't buy it very often because it's expensive and can't remember which brand I like. I bought the plain kind to use in Vegan Cupcakes Take over the World's low-fat vanilla cupcakes in the summer.
It tastes quite terrible on it's own though.

Billy said...


I wonder if you have the Whole Soy brand. That's my favorite.

I like your icon btw. I'm going to add you to my blogroll.

Veggie said...

I wonder too, maybe I'll remember to check next time I'm there.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

Billy said...

Let me know if you have Whole Soy. It's so good. I highly recommend trying the Strawberry Banana. I love that flavor.

Also, you're welcome. I enjoy your blog.

girl least likely to said...

i just bought three flavors of so delicious yogurt the other day: cinnamon bun, peach, and raspberry. i had a few silks to finish up first, so i haven't tasted them yet, but now i'm eager to see if i find them too sugary as well. i'm a weirdo because i like silk and i know a lot of people don't, so i guess we'll see! :)

Billy said...

Girl Least Likely To,

Let me know what you think. I'm curious as to whether you think Cinnamon Bun is too sugary as well. I love sugary stuff, but it's just too much.

I like Silk soy yogurt as well! I know a lot of people don't and complain about it being runny...but I like the taste. I used Silk for my Vegan Pound Cake.

Keep me posted.