Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preventing Urinary Tract Infections in Cats

Some cats are prone to urinary tract infections, especially males and tabbies. I have a male tabby cat so I was forced to come up with a solution. My concoction I've whipped up for Owen, my cat, is outlined below.

First and most importantly, I add a product called Enzymes pH (made by All the Best Pet Care) to his food. I do this every time I feed him. If you don't live in the Seattle area you can place an order over the phone. I'm not aware of anywhere you can purchase it online. If you know of somewhere, please let me know. You can always create a quick, decent substitute by mixing cranberry extract and vitamin C (1:1 ratio). Note: I've done this before when I didn't have any Enzymes pH and it has worked, but I do not know how well it works long-term.

Next, I bought a Drinkwell Pet Fountain. This product was invented by a veterinarian. It works by continuously circulating water, which prevents your cat from drinking stale, sitting water. Mine operates in phases, however, as my cat is very picky and only seems to want to drink water from places he's not supposed to (the sink, our cups, and the dog's bowl). I get frustrated with him not drinking from it and let it empty. I may try replacing the dog's bowl with a bigger pet fountain. Anyway, this tactic has been recommended by several veterinarians as a way to encourage your cat to drink.

If you're going to do one method, buy (or create) Enzymes pH. Using that alone has been extremely effective at preventing urinary tract infections. In fact, Owen has had just one in recent memory, which was due to the stress of having a new kitten in the apartment.

Note: I plan on discussing how to cure a urinary tract infection yourself in a forthcoming post.


johanna said...

One of the biggest ways to help prevent urinary problems (& many others) w/cats in general is to avoid dry food like the inappropriate plague it is. ;) Lots of info on this on catinfo.org, more specifically here:
(scroll down a bit)

Billy said...

I definitely agree with you Johanna. My cat is fed moist food only. I use Evolution and let it soak in water. He loves it!

ERock said...

I believe the thing that is most important to prevent problems is making sure you test your cat's urine pH. Plant foods are less acidic than meat and so you need to be extra careful about this. That is why vegepet makes a PH version that accounts for this in cats prone to urinary problems. Its very important to keep a close eye on this because it can escalate quickly and result in death!

Jackson Henry said...

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