Saturday, February 23, 2008

Off-Topic: I Miss My Mom

My Mom died one year ago today, after battling acute myeloid leukemia for 10 months.

I tried to persuade her to change her diet, but was unsuccessful. I want everyone to know that diseases like these can be avoided. The food we eat is killing us. Please consider a vegan diet.

Mom: I miss you terribly and love you very much. I hope to meet up with you again in another life.


Abram said...

So much cancer going around, and much of it has to do with our highly processed diets (not just meat). Even pets seem to be more susceptible to cancers, kidney failure, bowel problems, etc., because we are feeding them highly processed foods too.

My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer a bit over a year ago (it was already fairly advanced at that stage). Though there is a hereditary element -- his mother died of colon cancer too -- I believe diet is the bigger factor. Though he tries adding various exotic herbal supplements to his diet -- generally things he can mix into food/drink without tasting them -- he still eats a lot of meat and very few vegetables.

Sorry for your loss... I will likely lose my dad soon too.

Billy said...

Hi Abram,

Thank you for sharing your story as well. I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. Cancer is a horrible disease.

I completely agree with you that many of the cases of various diseases going around can be a attributed to our highly processed diets. That's a good point. And, you're right: pets are more susceptible now as well.

I hope you are able to convince your dad to change his diet. I tried very hard with my mom, but she was set in her ways. It's unfortunate that we're all lied to about what is healthy by companies more motivated by the bottom dollar than respect for life.

Take care Abram.

Happy Herbivore! said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. When they found cancerous cells growing in me at the ripe age of 22 I promised myself I would never get it again or die from cancer. I hit the books, medical journal and it kept coming back to me - the same answer - A VEGAN DIET. The only way to stay cancer free is a vegan diet (and hell there are a million other perks too!)

After my grandmother died a miserable death I asked my parents if they wanted that for themselves, and when they said no, I explained how eating other bodies and processed foods will send them down the same path and that its never too late to fix bad habits. They are both going vegetarian...

Billy said...

Wow, so that's what led you to veganism, huh? Is the cancer gone now?

That's great that your parents are going vegetarian. My Mom wouldn't and my Dad isn't going to either, although he does eat vegan sometimes.

Happy Herbivore! said...

yeah they cut it all out and I've been cancer free for almost 4 years... but I'm at risk because I already had cancer at such a young age...

I was a vegetarian for the majority of my life... but I ate out of boxes, cad flours, nothing organic... used cleaners with chemicals that do who knows what... now I will only use 100% vegan, organic, eco-friendly products.

I will not be another number.

Billy said...

That's great to hear that you're cancer free now.

My fiance and I eat all vegan, organic, and use safe cleaning products (non-animal tested of course). Since moving to Seattle, we're more lenient with refined grains, though. It's weird...Seattle doesn't care whole grains as much as DC did.

Urban Vegan said...

I'm so sorry about your mom.

Nicoleliza said...

You and your mom are in my thoughts!

Billy said...

Thank you for your condolences. I sincerely appreciate it. It has been a very tough year (and the 10 months leading up to her death were difficult as well).

VeganLinda said...

I'm so sorry about your mom. I know how much it hurts to see someone you love die from cancer. I know you read my post about my mom. She went in for "routine" gallbladder surgery which she didn't need. Because she was morbidly obese, the doctors didn't really listen to her symptoms. They opened her up and realized it wasn't her gallbladder, but she had cancer which had spread to her liver (they took out her gallbladder anyway...don't get me started). She never left the hospital, never walked again, and died exactly 1 month later. If I could keep people from having to experience watching someone die like this or dying like this themselves, I would do almost anything.

I know it is hard, it sucks so much. My husband's mom died of breast cancer long before we met and that is what convinced him to go vegan. He says it gets easier...the missing your loved one, but so far I still miss my mom terribly.



Billy said...

Thanks for your comment Linda. I'm really sorry about your mom as well. That sounds like it was awful.

My fiancee and I still really miss our moms too.

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