Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Musical Influences on Going Vegan

Isn't music wonderful? Isn't it great how it can influence your mood, outlook, and even your actions? I partially credit punk music for me going vegan.

I grew up on punk, especially political and hardcore bands. The lyrics really opened my eyes to the world and helped me see how things really worked.

One of the first punk bands I got into was AFI. Now, to my knowledge, they don't have any songs directly about veganism; however, I learned Davey Havok (the lead singer) was vegan and was intrigued. I also grew up on Anti-Flag and quickly learned that two of the band members (lead singer and drummer) are vegans. That got my thinking about it and helped me to come to the realization that animal liberation is another struggle we must incorporate into our lives as political activists. Over time, animal rights became my main driving force. It's the area I have chosen to focus on, as only we can speak for them.

Two of the bands I credit the most for my switch to veganism are Good Riddance and Propagandhi. Good Riddance has just one song about animal rights (Waste), but it really got to me and made me think about what I was doing. Propagandhi has a number of songs about animal rights and really helped me connect the dots between all struggles.

I wasn't into Earth Crisis before I was vegan, but I did get heavily into them after going vegan. They have turned numerous people vegan and have really helped the movement. Listening to Earth Crisis reinforces my values and dedication to the animal rights movement.

Music can be used as a tool to help us spread our message. The animals need us and we need to attack institutionalized speciesism on all fronts. Music is just one way, but it is an effective means of influencing change.

Thank you Good Riddance, Propagandhi, Anti-Flag, AFI, and Earth Crisis.


shannie cakes said...

good riddance was an all time favorite of mine-- hardcore DEFINITELY cemented my vegetarianism and got me thinking about a vegan life style... though i didn't start to follow one until 10(ish) years later.

anyway, just stumbled on your site and i thought i'd let you know that hardcore/punk were such an influence on my life as well.

Billy said...

Hi Shannie,

Thanks for sharing. I love Good Riddance. I was devastated when they broke up. They had a great impact on me.

It's great that so many bands are spreading the message of veganism and living moral, healthy lives.