Friday, February 1, 2008

HSUS Video Removes Beef from Seattle Schools

The Humane Society of the United States has released a video containing undercover footage of workers in a slaughterhouse beating downer cows in order to use them for slaughter. Downer cows are legally not allowed in the food supply because they present a health hazard (not unlike meat in general).

The slaughterhouse is the Hallmark Meat Packing Company, located in Chino, CA. The USDA has said it will investigate the slaughterhouse and its affiliated Westland Meat Company. Westland Meat Company supplies meat to schools in 36 states.

As a result of the video, all public schools here in Seattle have stopped serving beef. I commend the Seattle public school system on their decision and mailed them a letter:

I commend you on your decision to stop serving beef in Seattle public schools. Like many other Seattle residents, I was outraged and horrified when I saw the Humane Society’s investigation of the Hallmark Meat Packing Company’s slaughterhouse.

Aside from the health concerns associated with serving illegally-processed beef from the slaughterhouse, the violence depicted in the video is not something I want children in our city affiliated with.

I wholeheartedly support your smart decision to ban all beef in our public schools and hope that your decision stands firm. We should protect the health of our children and avoid affiliation with these products of violence.

Here's the article and blog post from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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