Monday, February 11, 2008

Easily Stay on Top of Vegan Blogs

Vegan Talk has been added to the list of vegetarian and vegan blogs syndicated at Vegan Blog Tracker! Thanks for adding me.

Vegan Blog Tracker states that it brings "the freshest veg*n blog posts from around the web delivered right to your door." It's like an RSS reader for vegetarian/vegan blogs! It's a wonderful idea. They are currently tracking 39 blogs. When one of those blogs is updated, the new post is displayed on the Vegan Blog Tracker website.

If you haven't seen Vegan Blog Tracker yet, you should check it out.


the vegan blog tracker said...

Wow, you posted about my site! Thanks man - I really appreciate it!

Billy said...

Sure, no problem. I think it's a great idea. The number of vegan blogs is astounding. It's wonderful. Thanks for the service.