Friday, February 15, 2008

Charges Filed Against California Slaughterhouse

Remember the HSUS undercover video of the slaughterhouse in California (see previous blog entry here)? Well, charges have been filed against two individuals seen abusing cows in the video!

Straight from Wayne Pacelle's mouth:
I just got out of a press conference in San Bernardino with District Attorney Michael Ramos. At the press conference—which was crowded with print, radio, and television reporters—he announced his filing of charges against two individuals, including felony animal cruelty charges against one, for the appalling abuses The HSUS documented at a dairy cow slaughter plant in Chino, Calif. It's the latest positive step in the unfolding of an extraordinary hidden camera investigation that has pricked the conscience of the nation about how animals raised for food are treated.

I am so pleased that District Attorney Ramos took this action, and on behalf of the entire HSUS family, I offered my praise and thanks to him. He gave a powerful and moving statement about not tolerating animal cruelty in society, whether the act is done to "a beloved family pet or a cow at a slaughterhouse." He added, "Unnecessary cruelty will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law."

Justice is being served in this case. Two individuals who did awful things to animals are likely to lose their freedom for some time. District Attorney Ramos has stated that his investigation continues. Meanwhile, the USDA and its Office of Inspector General are also continuing their investigations. The slaughter plant has been temporarily shuttered, and given the behavior exhibited, it should not reopen with the current owners in charge.

Way to go HSUS!


Anonymous said...

I wish the whole place was shut down! THAT would make me happy :(

It's sort of a strange thing -- this sort -- really: I mean, charging someone with cruelty for harming an animal in a slaughterhouse! Another "no-connection-made" moment. Sigh...:(

Billy said...

Ideally, everyone would realize we're killing the planet and ourselves, not to mention the animals. And, we're doing it unnecessarily.

I agree that it's a little weird charging someone for cruelty in a slaughterhouse, but I'll take what we can get. We'll chip away at this institutionalized violence until it's gone.

Thanks for the comment.

Nicki said...

It is a strange charge; slaughterhouses are inherently cruel, that's all they ever are. I'm glad they're getting charged though. Maybe people will start to put it together...if it's not okay to treat animals like this, then why is all of the other institutionalized cruelty okay?