Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Apologies

I've obviously stopped blogging here.  Life has been keeping me busy.  I'm in the middle of considering how best to contribute to the vegan and progressive communities.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tip: Occupy a Puppy for a While

This is Nate.  He's our newest member of the family.  Being just over one year old, he's still full of energy, which is cute but sometimes I need a break.  I've discovered something (well, my wife did) that distracts him for a while and gives me that break.

Here's what to do: buy a Kong toy and fill it with treats or frozen mango.  Nate loves frozen mango.  He'll stay focused on the toy until he gets every piece of mango out of it.  Anyway, I highly recommend it if your puppy/dog is driving you a little nutty.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amazing Vegetarian Restaurant in Moncton, NB

Sometimes life surprises you and you find an amazing vegetarian restaurant in an unlikely place.  When I moved to Prince Edward Island (PEI) 2.5 years ago, I was excited to try Calactus Cafe.  I saw it listed on HappyCow and the reviews looked promising.  Since living on PEI I've been to Calactus Cafe a number of times.  I found myself there again today on a quick trip to Moncton and back and thought I'd share this restaurant with the world.

The outside of the building is attractive and inviting.  I love the logo and the colors.  The atmosphere inside is wonderful and a very warm place to sit down and enjoy a vegan meal.  Every single staff member I've interacted with has been very friendly.  Like everywhere else in Moncton, they will speak to you in French first but immediately switch to English if/when they realize you do not know French.

Calactus Cafe isn't all vegan but it is all vegetarian.  Most of the items are vegan or can be made vegan.  (All of the desserts are vegan.)  Today I ordered my favorite entree (lasagna made vegan with their tofu cream) and a slice of pumpkin pie.  It was amazing!

I wish I could point you to a menu but, as of now, they do not have a website and I cannot locate a menu anywhere online.  You can, however, read the reviews on HappyCow.

If your travels every bring you to New Brunswick, Canada, I highly suggest you stop at Calactus Cafe.  You will not be disappointed!

(Image courtesy of Oh She Glows.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Alternative Map to Charlottetown, PEI

I've created an alternative map to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  It's a simple Google map but displays vegan-friendly and interesting businesses in town.

Take a look here: Alternative Charlottetown Map

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vegan Fast Food!

On my recent trip to St. Petersburg, FL I was happy to discover Evos.  They offer a vegan burger (called the Delite) that's actually really good.  Evos is marketed as being healthier fast food.  The fries are air-baked instead of fried and tasted good.  I got a combo meal and had the vegan Delite burger, air fries, and a mango guava smoothie.

It's really nice to be able to go into a restaurant and grab a quick vegan meal.  They have a handful of locations in the Tampa Bay area, as well as some in other states too.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Vegan Dish Detergent

I've found what I consider to be the best vegan dish detergent out there!  I had been using a liquid product but decide to give these Method tablets a try, as I love Method's other products.  They work really well!  I wouldn't have guessed the tablets would work better than liquids I've used in the past, but they do.

I find it more convenient than liquid as well because you simply drop one tablet in the main tray and you're done.  I had to run the dishwasher many times after the Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck my wife and I hosted and I was impressed as each load came out.

The packaging is eco-friendly as well: the tablets are not individually wrapped, which drives me nuts about some other products out there, and the bag is recyclable (depending on where you live).  Also, none of Method's products are tested on animals, which is another reason I support the company.

I'm able to buy these at the pharmacy here in Canada (Shoppers Drug Mart).  I assume Whole Foods and other health food stores sell it as well.

(Image courtesy of Method.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Found: Vegan Betaine HCL

I've finally found a vegan source of betaine HCL!

After scouring the web and finding only a source in England, I finally happened across a source in the U.S.

It's called Quantum Betaine HCL and is manufactured by Premier Research Labs.  The betaine hydrochloric acid is sourced from beets and each capsule has 550mg.  The front of the label clearly says, "Pure Vegan."  In fact, the only other ingredient is the vegetable cellulose capsule.

A company called Natural Healthy Concepts, based in Wisconsin, sells the product online.  Here's the direct link to the product on their web site:

Other companies may carry it but I ordered it from Natural Healthy Concepts because they were the first place I found that carried it.  I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the package showed up at my door, even though it had to come to NE Canada.

Anyway, those of you who need to take HCL now have a vegan source!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Searching for Organic Produce in the Winter

Winter on Prince Edward Island is the pits. Aside from the fact that it's far too cold outside, it's near impossible to find a healthy variety of organic produce. This time of year the only produce available at the farmers' market in town is potatoes and carrots. I still go every weekend and buy whatever I can local but it's pretty much the potatoes and carrots. That leaves me relying on the grocery store all winter for the rest of my fruits and vegetables. Too bad the selection of organic produce is pitiful. I can usually count on bananas, apples, green onions, and celery. Once in a while there's a shipment of cauliflower (or broccoli if I'm really lucky).

Anyway, as you can see, it's very tough to eat all organic produce here in the wintertime. But, somehow, my wife and I manage to do it.

I've searched and searched online for a company that will deliver fresh, organic produce to Prince Edward Island. I can't find anything. I'd love your help. If you know of a company or come across one, please leave a comment on this post. I find myself craving zucchini, bell peppers, squash, and more.

Do any of you live somewhere in which finding organic produce proves to be difficult?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vegan Cat Treats?

I feel like I've been hoping to come across vegan cat treats forever. Do they exist? Can anyone point me in the right direction? (I'm not looking to bake my own.)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Organic Restaurant in Arlington, VA

While in the Washington, DC area, my best friend and I went to check out this new organic restaurant in Arlington, VA after seeing it listed on VegDC.

Toscana Grill is not all vegetarian but it is all organic.  One entire section of the menu is vegan and other vegan items throughout the menu are clearly labeled.

My best friend and I both thought the food was amazing!  I had the Vegan Veal Parmigiana and a Mocha Frappe (complete with vegan whipped cream).  My best friend had the Vegan Chicken Marsala.  I will definitely be returning when I'm in DC next.  The restaurant, along with my walk through the neighborhood, made me miss Arlington.

Toscana Grill's entire dessert menu is vegan and consists of slices of cakes from Vegan Treats.  They also serve brunch on the weekend.

I spoke with the manager/owner and commended him on having numerous vegan options.  He gave me some background on the restaurant: The restaurant used to be a normal Italian restaurant.  Business wasn't great so they closed shop and reopened with a new angle: being eco-friendly.  They have been open for three months and business has increased dramatically (over 30 percent).  I was told they will be expanding their vegan selection as the demand grows.

Pros: Many vegan options, frappes, close to Metro, nice atmosphere, fair price

Cons: Not all vegan (or vegetarian), website is in flash and not mobile-friendly

If you're in the DC area, I highly recommend Toscana Grill.